If you want to sell commercial insurance, you need to specialize.

You’re sitting in a lounge chair at your town’s public pool and suddenly see your daughter running toward you with a hand on her ear and tears streaming down her face. Alarmed, you ask what happened. She says some boys who were throwing a tennis ball hit her ear with the ball while she was […]

Just Do It: Commercial field underwriting (with Shia Labeouf)

via GIPHY Whether it’s filing taxes or unloading the dishwasher, there are some things in life that are necessary but a bit tedious. And sometimes, we need to be reminded to JUST DO IT. Shia Labeouf is here to remind you to just do your field underwriting! Although it can be labor intense and may […]

Two paths for writing commercial insurance

One fun thing about being an independent insurance agent is the ability to get more chances at writing commercial risks.  Firefly agents have two paths to write commercial: An agent can specialize in 1-3 industries, becoming an expert in understanding, underwriting, quoting, winning, and servicing those industries. You can learn more about commercial specialization and […]