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  • What loss ratio do I need to be at or below to qualify for a contingency bonus?
    • You and Firefly must meet the carrier loss ratio threshold – usually 54.9% or below.  The number can vary by carrier.


  • How can I know what my loss ratios are with my carriers?
    • Each quarter Firefly will calculate your loss ratio for the eligible carriers and send you your results so you can see how you are doing.


  • What can I do to improve my loss ratio and be more profitable?
    • The best thing you can do is help carriers be rate adequate on the business they write.  That means doing things like:
      • Quote in EZLynx every time – often carriers will identify prospects that don’t fit their guidelines.
      • Matching your customers with the appetite of each carrier. For example:
        • Bundle as much as you can with package carriers
        • By not writing bare-bones auto coverage with package carriers – such as state-minimum liability limits
        • Including UM/UIM coverage that matches liability limits (rather than leaving off UM/UIM, or writing lower limits)
        • Always include medical payments coverage
      • Making sure home replacement cost estimates are accurate, and not too low
      • Properly rating all drivers and vehicle use
      • Including only discounts that the client qualifies for
      • Placing business that is a great fit for each carrier’s target market


  • How is my loss ratio calculated?
    • The calculation will be done for each carrier (not your average across all carriers).  Firefly will get claim reports from the eligible carriers, and identify which claims originated from business you wrote.  We’ll calculate the ratio of your claims to earned premium (Many of the carriers do not give us your earned premium, so we use our best efforts to estimate it for your agency).


  • What carriers can I get bonuses from?
    • From as many carriers as Firefly and you are both profitable, and for which we can get claims data


  • Is there a minimum premium amount required?
    • No! The payout will be proportional to the percent of premium you have of the carrier’s book.  So premium will impact the amount paid, but not limit your ability to participate.


  • What if my loss ratios are bad?
    • The actuaries usually do a good job identifying the right price for profitability.  If you follow underwriting guidelines and market to their ideal customer (like home auto bundles) you’ll be profitable most years.  If you are regularly unprofitable, we’ll need to evaluate your agency processes and identify what behavior may make you an outlier.


  • When and how will I get more of my questions answered?
    • The first thing you need to do is let us know that you may want to Opt-In (which you do by completing the form above).  That lets us know you’re interested in learning more and might want to participate.
    • We’re wrapping up the finishing touches on the contract amendment now. Once it is complete we will send it out to all of the agencies who expressed interest in learning more, along with a brief summary of what the paperwork means for you, and why it’s important
    • Then, as you have follow up questions unique to your agency, you can email them to Hans. (With the number of agencies eligible for this opportunity we anticipate that email will be the most efficient way to answer your questions.)