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If you want to sell commercial insurance, you need to specialize.

You’re sitting in a lounge chair at your town’s public pool and suddenly see your daughter running toward you with a hand on her ear and tears streaming down her face. Alarmed, you ask what happened. She says some boys who were throwing a tennis ball hit her ear with the ball while she was […]

Just Do It: Commercial field underwriting (with Shia Labeouf)

via GIPHY Whether it’s filing taxes or unloading the dishwasher, there are some things in life that are necessary but a bit tedious. And sometimes, we need to be reminded to JUST DO IT. Shia Labeouf is here to remind you to just do your field underwriting! Although it can be labor intense and may […]

What about life insurance?

Firefly agents have more insurance options to help their customers with home, car, and business insurance than almost anyone. But what about life insurance? Thanks to our relationship with Back Nine Insurance, our agents have lots of options to help their customers with life insurance, too. Watch this short video for details about how it […]

How and when do I get paid?

Getting paid for your hard work feels great. But getting paid late or receiving a different amount than you expected? That’s just frustrating, and can leave you saying “I want my money!!!” via GIPHY We understand that money is tight when you’re starting an agency. Hans tells the story of being a new insurance agent […]

What does it take to get insurance carrier appointments on your own?

Before I worked with Firefly, I tried to get some appointments on my own.  While I knew Firefly was a great company, I also thought that if I could get the carriers on my own, I might make more money (no commission split should mean more money for me, right?). I quickly learned that to […]

What about ownership of the policies?

Last week I was talking to a producer from another agency who was thinking about opening an independent office.  He had been talking to his dad about the idea.  His dad’s advice was that he should start building something for himself, rather than someone else. Many agents will have 60-80-hour work weeks at some point […]

How can I know if Firefly is a good fit for me?

Our goal is to help you find your best path to starting an independent agency, even if that path is not with Firefly. In another article, we discussed our “return policy,” and the process of leaving Firefly if you decide we’re not a good fit. Although we do our best to make the process simple, it’s […]

What expenses will I incur when I start my agency?

When you start an agency, you’ll want to be careful about how and where you spend your money. We want you to only use it in the ways that will help you grow your commission income. Other than Firefly’s packaged operating costs (for E&O, a comparative rater, and a management system), what expenses will you […]

Can I really get carrier appointments through Firefly?

So, you’re ready to go independent. You’ve got the plan, the skills, and the confidence to boot. Now it’s time to put yourself out there and get appointed—kind of like auditioning to work with carriers. Unlike Steve Carell who was auditioning to be in a show about work, you’re trying out for real work. The […]

Two paths for writing commercial insurance

One fun thing about being an independent insurance agent is the ability to get more chances at writing commercial risks.  Firefly agents have two paths to write commercial: An agent can specialize in 1-3 industries, becoming an expert in understanding, underwriting, quoting, winning, and servicing those industries. You can learn more about commercial specialization and […]

Can I have my own P&C carrier appointments outside of Firefly?

The short answer is no. Long ago we tried it, but it didn’t work well because of these two realities: If you have outside appointments you will have production requirements from those carriers. If you have outside appointments you don’t split commissions with us. As a result, you would have two really good reasons to […]

What’s the training process for new agents?

Long ago, we poured out information too fast in the training process. Agents attended a several-day-long orientation in Columbus to meet our team and get a general overview of carrier appetites and systems. Though the experience was enjoyable and exciting, we found that agents couldn’t retain the information. It was just too much, and they […]

Does Firefly work with brand new agents?

Insurance companies often give the impression that they only want to appoint agents who already have “great skills.” New or inexperienced agents might feel like outcasts, and carriers may not be willing or able to give them adequate training. If this has been your experience, or if you are a novice agent hoping to avoid […]

Are all insurance aggregators and clusters the same?

When I was in college, my close friend Tom and I would occasionally debate over the food joints near our dorms.  A Virginia native, he would tout Five Guys as the best burger place, whereas I would champion Fuddruckers.  We’d also discuss fast food: which of their dollar menus was best for a college kid? […]

What questions should I be asking, so I can make a good decision?

Despite having no skill at it whatsoever, for some reason I enjoy golfing.  Before you ask what my handicap is, I don’t know.  Pretty much, on the rare instance I play a nice course, I just want to keep my score in the double digits. via GIPHY Since I’m not very good, I don’t see […]

How Many Ways are There to Start an Independent Agency?

 Unlike Mr. Owl, we are not here to trick you for our own benefit. You asked how many ways there are to start an independent agency, we’ll tell you as honestly as we can. We want you to understand all of your options. Once you do, we think you’ll see that working with an […]