Let's Do a Final Review!

Please watch the video below so that you (and we) can be sure that Firefly is going to be a long term fit.

Final Review Video



Here is a summary of each item discussed in the video:

  1. Use EZLynx to quote each client with every carrier.
  2. Get pictures of the front and back of any properties you are going to write.
  3. Use the Pre-bind process for the first 30 properties. (ebook 2, page 6)
  4. Get signed apps for every policy you bind. (ebook 2, page 9)
  5. You service your own clients – we can’t do service for you.
  6. Document all communication with clients, underwriters, adjusters, and prospects in EZLynx.
  7. You can have as many employees you want, though you may only have one location. No satellite offices. (Ebook 1, page 9)
  8. You can sell in multiple states if A) you live on a border of two states or B) you have a proven marketing strategy that merits opening up other states.  Friends and family is not a reason to get a non-resident appointment. (ebook 2, page 10)

If you’re confident that you want to work with Firefly, and you’re on board with everything in the video above, then let’s get started.  Sign your name below to confirm that you’re in, and we’ll get the paperwork to you!