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[VIDEOS] You’re not a good fit for Firefly if . . .

The more options you learn about as you figure out how to start your independent insurance agency, the more you might feel like these guys: via GIPHY You may have talked with a person or organization that’s tried to convince you that they’re exactly what you need. You perceive a difference between your goals and their […]

How did Firefly help Mary make a $4,500 sale?

There’s nothing quite as fun as making a sale or as discouraging as losing one. We know from experience that training is important. But no matter how well you’ve been trained, the experience of writing your first few policies with a company would still be difficult if you had to do it on your own. […]

[VIDEO] What are your “What ifs?”

When you’re thinking about becoming an independent agent, your mind is full of “what ifs.” What if you don’t make a change? What if you’re a producer (whether captive or independent) and your agency is sold, or the principal agent retires or dies? What if your commissions get cut? Or your rates go up? Does this agent’s experience […]

[VIDEO] What do successful Firefly agents have in common?

The most successful Firefly agents are the ones who have solved the “marketing” problem, and are looking to solve the “market” problem. For example, watch what these two agents say about the frustration they felt before they started with Firefly:   Does their experience seem familiar to you? Both of them had plenty of people […]

[VIDEO] Firefly’s return policy – in case it’s a bad fit.

  I love to buy local. Because I’m part of a retail agency competing with online providers, the local mentality is important to me. But when I have to buy something from a big box store, Costco is easily my family’s favorite. My wife loves the low prices, and my kids really love the free […]

[VIDEO] Our agents give you advice if you’re considering Firefly

We feel we have  good thing going here. But more important than what we say is what our agents say. Watch this short video to see what their advice is to people who are considering working with Firefly:     Why not learn more? Click the “Become an Agent” button on the top right of this page, and […]

An agent’s praise for TJ, personal lines trainer

Getting started with us in personal lines is a critical time for you as a new agent. You need good information, training, and help with issuing business. Firefly’s trainers not only know what to do, and can show you how to do it. They’re also a pleasure to work with. We think Firefly’s a great company not […]

In just months, this agent is on his way to $1M in premium.

Texas agent Rudy Mendez started with Firefly only a few months ago. He’s already written over $250,000 in premium and he’s aiming for $1 million by the end of the year. Why has he gotten off to such a great start? A big reason is that Rudy had figured out how to market to people.  […]

To fee, or not to fee? (That is an EASY question!)

Starting a one-match fire: Thanks to my mom, I’m an Eagle Scout.  I guess you might say SHE is an Eagle Scout. And I have two brothers who are also Eagle Scouts, so she accomplished the feat three times! Not everything I learned in the Scouting program has stuck with me over the years, but […]