Thank you for submitting this property for review. 

Do not issue the policy until you’ve received approval from Firefly. 

Your information has gone to several members of the Firefly team. As soon as we review it, we’ll reply to you by email.

  • If your property appears to be a good fit for the carrier you listed, you’ll get an email telling you that you can go ahead and issue the policy.
  • If something about your submission is not a fit for the company you indicated, you’ll get an email explaining why. Usually we can direct you to a Firefly carrier that IS a fit for the property.

Watch your email closely, so you can get your answer as soon as possible.

If you have urgent need for a decision, you can call the Personal Lines team at their direct numbers:

TJ: (614) 401-4177

               Lorraine: (614) 923-8739

Here’s what to do after you get approval for this property:

After your property is approved by Firefly, you will issue it on the carrier’s website.

Most carriers will download all policy information into EZLynx within 48 hours. If you don’t see a download after 48 hours, please add the policy in your customer’s EZLynx entry.

Remember that you must also upload the property photos and to customer’s EZLynx file. Finally, you’ll need to upload your customer’s signed application into EZLynx (or note that an e-signed application has been completed.)

We want you to get this right! If you need help doing this, call a member of the Personal Lines team right after you issue the policy.


After you’ve done this for your new customer, it’s time to celebrate!