Firefly’s return policy – in case it’s a bad fit.


I love to buy local. Because I’m part of a retail agency competing with online providers, the local mentality is important to me.

But when I have to buy something from a big box store, Costco is easily my family’s favorite. My wife loves the low prices, and my kids really love the free samples. (I’ll admit it—I enjoy the samples too.) But another thing I’ve always appreciated about Costco is its easy return policy.

If the ability to buy with confidence matters to me while grocery shopping, I am sure that it will matter even more to you as you consider which insurance partner is the best fit for you.  This is, of course, much more important than buying groceries!

Making a career change can be difficult. After you make a decision, you may wonder if you have done the right thing. That’s why we’ve created a contract that is really easy to leave.

What is Firefly’s “return policy?”  In your first 90 days, you can leave Firefly with no strings attached.

We’ll waive the non-compete for carriers and policies and cancel drafts for subsequent operating costs.  We don’t even require 30-days notice. Just send us your request in writing, and we’ll part ways as friends. There will be no hard feelings—just a little disappointment, for us, that it did not work out.

In the end, we’ll be happy we both gave it a shot.

If you decide after 90 days that we’re no longer a good fit, we still want your exit to be easy.

We’ve had agents who have needed to leave on short notice when a family emergency requires a big change, or they decide to leave the industry altogether.  If something like that happens to you, all we need is 30 days written notice before the 10th of any given month.  This gives us time to close your location down and stop your operating costs.

If you have been with us for at least three years, you’ll receive your buy-out payments from us over the next 36 months. Again, we’ll make the process as straightforward as possible so we can part ways amicably.

More often than not, being a Firefly agent turns out to be as good as—or better than—our agents hoped it would be. Take your time. Ask lots of questions and get your answers. Let’s both be sure that Firefly is right for you.

We’ll also ask questions to try and make sure you’re a good fit before you sign up with us. Then, if you choose to work with us, you can be confident knowing you’re still in the driver’s seat if you change your mind.

(Check out these articles if you are wondering what questions you should be asking, or who we consider to be a good or bad fit for us.)