Thank you for your Warm Leads quote submission!

Your lead has been submitted to the carrier you selected. Here’s what happens next:

  1. You and the carrier have been sent an email with your prospect’s contact information.
  2. You should let you prospect know which carrier will be reaching out so they can expect the call.
  3. If your prospect misses the call from the carrier, OR if you would like to check the quote status with the carrier the number to call is:
    • Hartford – (877) 495.8542
    • Liberty Mutual – (888) 840.7192
    • Travelers – (800) 263.9003
  4. Emphasize to your prospect that if they miss the carrier’s call they need to call the carrier back. The carriers usually wait about a week before they call a second time. (They do not want to pester a prospect and then get negative reviews online.)

Be aware that the carrier should reach out to your prospect within 24 hours from the time your lead is submitted (excluding weekends). Please give the carrier at least one day before you follow up with them.